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Code Approvals & Acceptance

Sharkskin roof underlayments have been tested and approved by several nationally recognized agencies and roofing material trade organizations.  Click on the links to see the reports. Have questions? Email or call us!


Texas State Seal

Texas Building Code

  • ICC (International Code Council) code approval ICC ESR# 1708       
  • Texas Department of Insurance approvals for Sharkskin Comp and Ultra (this expands coverage to California, Florida, and Texas)                  
  • Florida Code Commission product approval FBC #1655
  • ICC ES-(ICBO) – International Code Council
  • BOCA – Building Officials and Code Administrator
  • SBCCI Southern Building Code Congress International
  • UBC –Uniform Building Code
  • IBC – International Building Code
  • IRC – International Residential Code
  • AC188 Criteria - Underlayment for use in severe climate areas
  • AC152 Criteria – Underlayment glued to foam
  • AC48 Criteria - Roof underlayments
  • AC08 Criteria – Concrete tile underlayment on spaced sheathing