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Q: What is Sharkskin?
A: Sharkskin is a roof underlayment that is based on a new technology that replaces felt underlayment (tar paper) for roofs.

Q: What is Sharkskin?
A: Sharkskin is the best and latest in technology of synthetic roofing underlayments which stands out from the rest. Sharkskin is far superior and replaces the need to use tar paper (felt) or any of the low cost Sharkskin imitators on the market today. Sharkskin is family of premium polypropylene laminate roof underlayments, which is ideal for all steep pitch roof applications.

Q: Why would I want to use Sharkskin?
A: Sharkskin creates a secondary water barrier under your roofing material in case of loss of your roofing material from high winds, or roof damage, you can count on Sharkskin to protect your home against water intrusion.

Q: What is so important about synthetic roof underlayments?
A: Specifically engineered technology brings many advantages over traditional felt underlayments. Excellent durability, extended exposure to UV, and toughness, long life, easy to handle and no plastic cap fasteners required, slip resistant etc. Better for the environment than asphalt products. Is 100% recyclable

Q: What are some of the advantages of Sharkskin?
A: Sharkskin is lighter and easier to handle and install. When properly installed, it won’t tear, even under severe wind conditions. It has much longer life span than tar paper (felt) and can be left uncovered on a roof from 6 months to 1 year, depending on which product you choose, without degradation.

Q: Is Sharkskin recyclable?
A: Yes it is made from 100% Polypropylene.

Q: Is there an advantage for using Sharkskin instead of felt?
A: Yes. The rolls are lighter and easier to maneuver. The Comp, Ultra and Ultra Radiant product come in rolls of 10sq. The Ultra SA is a 5sq roll. The light color does not absorb the heat and the products can be used under damp conditions as they are designed with improved slip-resistance. This allows for Improved job site efficiency for the installer and crew and greatly increased confidence for homeowners. The obvious choice for the specifier – in most cases, the architect or builder.

Q: Does Sharkskin absorb moisture, dry out or rot?
A:Unlike felt, Sharkskin is made of 100% polypropylene; a durable and inert polymeric laminate sheeting which will not disintegrate, break or tear, does not absorb moisture which may lead to fungus, mold and dry-rot. Sharkskin is a secondary water barrier.

Q: Can I use Sharkskin with asphalt shingles?
A: Yes, 3 of the Sharkskin products work extremely well under asphalt shingles. The Sharkskin Ultra Radiant product can only be used under asphalt shingles if there is an air space on the reflective side of the Sharkskin Ultra Radiant. 

Q: Can Sharkskin be custom printed?
A: YES! There are specific minimum requirements to do so. All custom print requests are reviewed in detail to assure we can meet your requirements. At a minimum, we need logo images and requested pantone (PMS) color code to prepare a quotation.

Q: Can Sharkskin be installed when the weather is inclement?
A:Yes, one of the features of the patented Sharkskin underlayment is its slip resistance even when wet.

Q: If the temperature changes, does Sharkskin change consistency?
A: Sharkskin can withstand seasonal and daily temperature fluctuations. Another benefit of synthetic construction is that Sharkskin does not get brittle when cold nor does it lose its firmness when hot. No nail hole elongation due to foot traffic on installation, when properly installed.

Q: I have heard that roofs can get as hot as 200 degrees on the hottest days of summer. Will that affect Sharkskin?
A: No, Sharkskin is thermally stable well above 200 degrees. It will not wrinkle, and expand or contract, during even the hottest days of summer.

Q: Where do I buy Sharkskin?
A: Contact your local roofing supply warehouse or call us. 877.742.7507

Q: Where are your warehouses?
A: Warehouse locations:

  • Santa Fe Springs, CA
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • We can ship to anywhere

Q; How big is a roll of Sharkskin?
Sharkskin Comp: 48" x 250' = 1000 sq ft

Sharkskin Ultra: 48" x 250' = 1000 sq ft

Sharkskin Ultra SA: 48" x 125' = 500 sq ft

Sharkskin Ultra Radiant: 48" x 250' = 1000 sq ft

Q: How many rolls are included on a pallet?
A: Ultra, Ultra SA, Ultra Radiant: 30 rolls per pallet
Comp: 36 rolls per pallet