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Architects & Contractors

Installation Instructions
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Sharkskin’s Top Features & Sales Advantages

  1. High tensile strength
  2. Installs with regular roofing nails
  3. High temperature rating
  4. UV resistance rating
  5. Code compliant
  6. Light weight
  7. Slip resistant
  8. Sharkskin Meets all Steep Pitch Roof Underlayment Design Criteria
  9. Not All Synthetic Underlayments Are Created Equal
  10. Selling Against Felts and SBS sheets?
  11. Summary


1) High Tensile Strength

•Why it matters
–Unlike felts and SBS sheets, Sharkskin won’t tear
–Seals around nail shanks
–Excellent wind resistance
–The best choice for regions prone to high wind and rain

•Why go with Sharkskin?
–Laminate polypropylene design enhances strength in multiple directions
–Once installed, no repair work required
–Maintain “dried-in” condition in event of roof covering failure
– far superior to tarp!
–No asphalt means rolls don’t become “egg shaped” and rolls don’t stick together


2) Install With Regular Roofing Nails
- Sharkskin Ultra

•Why it matters
–No plastic caps required means less expense and faster installation for more efficient job site operations
–Maintain flat surface especially important for metal roofs

•Why Sharkskin is better than the rest
–No other synthetic underlayment brand offers this feature


3) High Temperature Rating

•Why it matters
–Polypropylene has superior temp stability over polyethylene (and blends) which means excellent mechanical stability over a wide range of temperature extremes and temperature cycles with minimal expansion/contraction

•Why Sharkskin is the best
–100% polypropylene combined with multi layer design does not stretch (minimal expansion/contraction)

•No nail hole elongation from foot traffic on installation or repeated hot/cold cycling
–Light grey color – stays cool and is easy to handle and mark


4) UV Resistance Rating

•Why it matters
–Use of Sharkskin allows projects to be “dried-in” allow production to continue
–Unlike Felt papers and SBS base sheets, Sharkskin has far greater resistance to UV exposure which allows extended dried-in condition before final roof covering installation
–Sharkskin is inert
–excellent resistance to chemical exposure and acid rain
–Will not dry out or rot

• –Sharkskin UV ratings:
–Sharkskin Ultra: 12 months
–Sharkskin Comp: 6 months


5) Code Compliance

•Why code compliance matters
–Many regions/municipalities require local acceptance and certification of underlayment materials

•Why go with Sharkskin?
–Sharkskin has been independently tested and meets or exceeds roofing industry standards

SHARKSKIN Meets or Exceeds Industry Standards

•See ICC report #1708
•Florida Building Code #FL8097-R4
•Miami/Dade NOA No. 15-0421.10
•Texas Dept of Insurance
•Exceeds ASTM D226


6) Light Weight and Easy to Handle

8x lighter than felt!

•Why it matters
–Easier to install means time savings and enhanced safety for contractors
–More material per roll means improved cost and efficiency for warehousing, hauling and handling
–Easy to fold/remains flexible
–No cracks
–Will not stretch or become slippery

-10 squares per roll
30 rolls per pallet: Ultra
42 rolls per pallet: Comp


7) Slip Resistant

•Designed by a roofer for roofers
–Sharkskin has been engineered with a heavy duty fibrous top layer that provides superior slip resistance for wet or dusty conditions

•Why go with Sharkskin?
–For improved job site safety
–Competitive synthetic underlayments have been reported to be slippery under wet and dusty conditions
–Sharkskin is the safest choice for roofing


8) Sharkskin Meets all Steep Pitch Roof Underlayment Design Criteria:

•Thermal stability
•High tensile strength and durability
•Slip resistant
•Resistant to UV and temperature cycling
•Long term moisture protection
•Easy to handle
•Cost effective


9) Not All Synthetic Underlayments Are Created Equal

•For the highest performance for roofing applications, architects and builders should specify 100% polypropylene


10) Selling Against Felts and SBS sheets?

Drawbacks of Felts and SBS for Roof Applications:

•Old Technology - Not engineered for long term performance
–Absorbs solar radiation
- slippery and decreased strength when hot

•Low tensile strength
–Easily tears in the wind and when Installing
–Tile and slate applications require multiple layers

•Moisture/humidity adsorption
–Swelling, shrinkage, buckling and rotting
–Harbors mold and fungus

•Heavy roll
– 60lbs for 2 squares
– 45 lbs for 10 sq Sharkskin

•Felts and SBS do not have UV exposure rating
–Felts and SBS underlayments tend to dry out, become brittle and prone to cracking


11) Summary

•Sharkskin roofing underlayment provides major advantages over all commercially available roof underlayments
•The best for all pitched roof applications
•Multilayer polypropylene structure exhibits the highest toughness and durability with high temp rating and UV resistance •Sharkskin Ultra installs with regular roofing nails - no plastic caps required
•Code compliant
•Engineered for light weight and slip resistance for enhanced job-site safety